Friday, October 11, 2013

More Prolife Celebrities in News: & Prolife Singers; Miss World 2013 Megan Young gave good testimony that sex is for marriage. She is also PROLIFE--yea! See her photo with the crown she deserves at link. She as a celebrity joins other prolife celebrities. The PROLIFE celebrities that I have written about before on another blog of mine at are:
Jack Nicholson
Martin Sheen
Kathy Ireland
Justin Bieber
Mel Gibson
Ben Stein {Ferris Bueller's...]
Tim Tebow; @TimTebow
John Elefante
And now Miss World of 2013 Megan Young.
 Also see:
Appeal to U S Supreme Court to end ban on sidewalk protests against abortion. Supreme Court will hear case McCullen v Coakely . Article calls prolifers "anti-choicers". That's ok with me because I am opposed to the "choice" of killing tiny innocent humans. Wonderful story about grandmother Eleanor McCullen and her husband Joe, sidewalk counselors to save the preborn. Article  was written very well by prolifer Christina Martin who also has a testimony . 
 Also see:,53120 in the Bronx of NY; with this quote:"According to the state Department of Health’s 2011 vital statistics, for every 1,000 live births in the Bronx, 887.4 pregnancies were aborted, totaling 19,252 terminated pregnancies." That is sad that nearly half of the preborn from Bronx are aborted. . Also see :;  about Kansas (band) lead singer's song & video that is one of the most wonderful tools the prolifers have ever been given.  It has that video in the article.  I saw that video and it made me cry with relief for that woman whose story it tells.
Also, I have added several batches of the ethic paintings I painted to some of my blogs. I think you will also enjoy see those paintings I painted on these blogs of mine:
This is not a comprehensive lists of my blogs. I have cartooning blogs, prolife blogs, general purpose blogs, blogs for art I create. Each is unique, and you will learn something from each. I try to make my blogs always teaching something good.
 I paint as an artist much of the time; but my professional career was as Registered Nurse. I still have a RN license in Missouri, FYI. Also, I am the white, Christian, single, woman who was born in state of Georgia but currently I live in Missouri.
Gloria Poole; also known on paintings/ sketches/ drawings as Gloria in script;  at my apt in Missouri; 11-Oct-2013 at 11:08am. I am also known on web as gloriapoole; gloria0817; gloria.poole. gloria-poole; gloria_poole; gpoole817; gloriapoole1749, and several variations of my real born with name of Gloria Poole. I try to corner the market so to speak on the use of my name because I create original art.