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PROLIFE Momentum is gathering speed.

These paragraphs are snippets of the prolife news from several states. As you read them, you see that there is a groundswell momentum building in the U S that is either going to peacefully end abortion; or bring about a civil war that will end abortion. I read a quote and I put the author's name of it somewhere on a profile, but it said "When injustice becomes the law, resistance [civil disobedience] becomes a duty". The terrible injustice against the tiniest humans of all-- those in the womb-- has to end to save this nation from the wrath of GOD.  Please study the photo { it is one I photographed} and then read the Prolife news from several states after the photo.

 Florida Senator Marco Rubio 's words : “This issue of life is a fundamental issue. It’s not a political issue,” he added... This is about protecting people, human beings who maybe can’t speak yet and haven’t been born, perhaps don’t have a name or a social security number but they’re fully human nonetheless. They’re valuable and they’re precious and they deserve to be protected.” And also these words of Sen Rubio : "“This is never going to be a political issue for me. I don’t care if it (the vote) is 90-10 or 99-1, the fundamental issue of life is one that I will never change my opinion on.” those quotes in article at: .
Quote: " The legislative body [of North Dakota]  passed Senate Bills 2303 and 2305, and Senate Concurrent Resolution 4009. SB 2303 defines a human being as a person at any stage of life, and "ensures that the protection that our criminal laws afford to victims of crimes extends to all human beings born and unborn." The Bill does, however, allow a physician to perform an abortion if a woman's life is threatened by a medical emergency that could endanger her life.

In addition, SB 2305 will require a physician to be licensed in North Dakota in order to perform abortions within the state, and to also be an OB-GYN with admitting privileges at a local hospital in case a woman sustains an injury during an abortion; and SCR 4009 calls for a primary election vote in 2014 to put Personhood language in the state's Constitution to declare that, "the inalienable right to life of every human being at any stage of development must be recognized and protected." ...And also, "Sen. Spencer Berry (R-Fargo), who's also a physician, was the primary sponsor of SB 2305. If the bill is passed by the House, a physician who performs abortions will be required to be an OB-GYN with hospital admitting privileges.
"This provision would ensure the ability of the physician performing the abortion to follow a patient to the hospital emergency room or operating room and admit and care for the patient as necessary should any complications arise," said Sen. Berry to fellow members of the Senate Judiciary Committee. "The credentialing process of the hospital would assure that only qualified physicians are providing abortion services in our state." These articles are sent to my inbox and I help publicize [and write] the prolife news. That is well-known about me as I have done that consistently since 1992, beginning in state of Georgia.  Read article at:

From the National Right to Life news sent to my inbox, I quote :"You and me are the new generation taking up the battle-cry for life. We are the thousands-upon-thousands who are attending March for Life rallies across the continent, being a voice for those who have no voice. It is our generation that will see an end to abortion because our passion for life and truth is an unquenchable wildfire. We are young, we are brave, we are unstoppable." That quote from :

Quote about battle of words in NY: : "Pro-life groups and women's rights activists in New York are battling over the controversial Reproductive Health Act, which critics say would expand abortion rights and supporters argue would largely codify existing federal laws.
Abortion opponents are pushing back against Gov. Andrew Cuomo's pledge this year to pass the act and warning that it would be unnecessary. The measure also faces an uncertain future in the state Senate, which is partially controlled by Republicans." Quote from article :

Also, another article on the on-going battle of prolifers to stop the Tianenmen Square bulldozer from rolling over the preborn humans en masse:
"The results indicate that well over 70 percent of New Yorkers favor parental notice laws, 24 hour waiting periods, and providing information about options and risks to pregnant women prior to the abortion."  That quote from :  Quote: "Technologies like ultra-sound have become a window to the womb. Minds are being opened to the reality of life before birth. The sex of the baby can be determined and doctors have operated on babies before birth for years."

 And this one "America is a nation that purports to believe in human and civil rights. Legal decisions that condone the killing of innocent unborn babies are unjust and will be overturned. Until then, we pro-lifers will continue to pray and fight the good fight" written by Mary Ann Booth of Dartmouth in article at: 

 And this quote : "States are taking the lead on abortion regulation where the federal government has refused to act. It is important to know what the bills mean and to get the truth out to those around you and in the legislature. What we need are citizens who are dedicated to staying abreast of pro-life legislation being proposed in state legislatures and are willing to support such legislation through testimony, calls, letters, and visits to representatives. Your voice matters and may be the one voice of reason in a sea of confusion and misrepresentation." Quote of Anna Higgins in article : 

This quote : "Federal lawsuits against Obamacare’s birth control mandate filed by the morally opposed continue to gain ground. Meanwhile, though, the feds continue to fund Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the country. Now, pro-life groups are speaking out, and John Boehner is their target." at:

 Also, another article and quote on that topic : "“Why are we going into debt to kill innocent Americans?” asks a new 30-second ad from LifeCausePAC, which will air heavily in Boehner’s Ohio congressional district during the next six weeks.<P>Read more:

 From  Michigan state Senator Arlan Meekhof of West Olive, an ardent pro-life Republican, who  "says that these measures are all on the side of common sense" about pending legislation in Michigan : "At least six bills regarding the issue have already been introduced, including one that would require abortions performed after 19 weeks to take place in a hospital with a neonatal unit, while another would mandate that, at least two hours before an abortion, women have an ultrasound to show the development of the fetus." 
 Thank you for the support of all prolifers with your prayers and your words, and your deeds on behalf of the tiny innocents .
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