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10 weeks in womb human fetus must have right to life, written and photographed by me Gloria Poole,RN,artist of/in Missouri; update

I photographed this today using a medical textbook that I bought long ago, to show a ten week old human fetus in the womb, as it shows the innards developing. Of course, "innards" is not the medical term-- you know that-- but it is a term almost everyone understands so I am using it for that reason. My goal is not to try impress people with medical jargon or terminology but to show to all viewers the reality that after 10 weeks [2 & 1/2 months] in womb after fertilization a human being looks very much human and has all the components of a beating heart, brain, blood supply, human cells and ears, and feet, and fingers. I am trying to persuade enough voters to vote prolife in every primary and in November in the federal election, because the tiny defenseless humans need champions to help them to secure their civil liberties. Also, to persuade women who are pregnant to decide to give birth to LIVING babies not dead ones. photo-by-gloriapoole. Update: I, Gloria Poole, RN / gloriapoole signed into this today 23rd July at 6:04pm to update it but decided to leave this photo up because of the upcoming fed election in which voters will be voting on good or evil. It is evil to kill according to GOD's commandment of "thou shalt not kill" in Exodus 20:13, KJV. The democrats believe killing is a so-called "right". The Republicans reject that idea, and have the most prolife platform ever. Please remember the baby humans; and vote prolife in November. Also, please advocate for civil liberties for all humans by encouraging Congress to pass a public law including the preborn humans in the 14th amendment. It is labeled the personhood amendment in most states. Obviously I enlarged this photo because a ten weeks in womb human would be about the size of your thumb probably. I enlarged it to show detail and to make sure public sees it.

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Medical textbooks you can utilize to teach yourself medical knowledge of human life, pregnancy, delivery, medical care of those in womb, neonatalogy, complications --all aspects of human life.

1) Early Pregnancy

2) Fetal Therapy by Mark Kilby,Anthony Johnson,Dick Oepkes

3) Obstetrics and Intrapartum Emergencies by Edward Chandrahara,and Sabaratnam Arulkumaran

4) Analgesia,Anesthesia and Pregnancy by Steve Yentis and Surbhi Malhotra

5) Pregnancy after Assisted Reproductive Technology by Eric Jauniaux and Botros Rizk

6) Atlas of Oocytes, Zygotes and Embryoes in Reproductive Medicine by Marc Van den Bergh and Thomas Ebner,and Kay Elder

7) Infertility Counseling by Sharon Covington and Linda Hammer Burns

8) Ectopic Pregnancy by Isabel Stabile

9) Gametes by J.G. Grudzinskas and J.L. Yovich

10) GenEthics by Kurt Bayertz and Susan L Kirkby, and H Tristam Englehardt,Jr

11) Prenatal Care by Marie McCormick and Joanne Siegel

12) Ethical issues in Maternal -Fetal Medicine by Donna Dickenson

13) Preterm Labour by Jane Norman and Ian Greer

14) The Fetal Matrix by Peter Gluckman & Mark Hanson

15) Environmental impacts on Reproductive Health and Fertility by Tracey Woodruff, Sarah Janssen,Louis Guillette,Jr, and Linda Giudice

16) Biology and Pathology of the Oocyte by Alan O Trounson and Roger G Gosden

17) Biology and Pathology of the Trophoblast by Ashley Moffett, Charlie and Lake and Anne McLaren

18) The Sperm Cell by Christopher J De Jonge and Christopher Bartlett

19) Infertility and Assisted Reproduction by R Botros, M B Rizk, Juan Garcia_-Velasco,Hassan Sallam and Antonis Makrigiannakis

20) The Healthy Embryo by Jeff Nisker, Francoise Baylis, Isabel Karpin,Carolyn McLeod, Roxanne Mykitiuk

21) Gametes--The Oocyte by J. G. Grudzinskas and J.L. Yovich

22) Textbook of Clinical Embryology by Kevin Coward and Dagan Wells

23) Handbook of Human Oocyte Cryopreservation by Eleonora Porcu and Patrizia Ciottis, and Stefano Venturoli

24) Neonatalogy by Richard A Polin and John M Lorenz

25) Handbook of Obstetric Medicine by Catherine Nelson-Piercy

26) High Risk Pregnancy--Management Options by Phillip J Steer, Carl Weiner, Bernard Gonik, Caroline Crowther, and Stephanie Robson

27) Dewhurst's Textbook of Obstetrics and Gynaecology by Keith Edmunds

28) Contemporary Maternal-Newborn Nursing Care by Patricia Ladewig, Marcia London and Michele Davidson

29) Childbearing: A Nursing Perspective by Ann Clark and Dyanne Alfonso

30) Maternity Nursing by Dietra Leonard Lowdermilk and Shannon Perry

plus many,many more.

Added 3 to this list on 24 Feb 2016

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