Monday, September 21, 2015

The news is that a Second American Revolution seems to be ramping up to end abortion.

I think that unless the U S Congress grows a backbone and outlaws abortion as a so-called 'right" because it is clearly a wrong against GOD and humanity that there will be a second American Revolution. I base that on several factors that are all ingredients to a disintegrating "United" states. The same factors that created the first American Revolution are also creating the Second one and those are:

1) states' rights under the U S Constitution, that are being usurped by the White House;

2) the loss of control of one's own money i.e. no taxation without just representation that was in run-up to American Revolution has occurred again with the massive re-writing attempt of the Constitution known commonly as "obamaCare' to redistribute money paid into by force of taxation for pensions to abortionists to kill tiniest U S citizens.

3) The premeditated slaughter of tiny American citizens in the place where they should safe i.e in the womb, paid for by taxpayer dollars via subsidies to killing machine Planned Parenthood, which is a RACIST organization.

4) The splintering of the population into black vs white, and anarchists vs law-abiding, done purposefully by the White House.

5) The organized campaign by the democratic party to label all Police forces and its officers as dangerous and harmful to society,thus perpetuating anarchy.

6)The trampling of the civil liberties of American citizens by the White House, who forced through a ruinous set of "laws" that Congress was not allowed to read beforehand, known euphemistically as "obamaCare", which force citizens to buy services that have NO guarantees of delivery, no standards of care for trauma, no reasonable expectation of privacy, no real or measurable outcomes for the trillions spent on it, except to enrich certain classes of non-medical-doctors.

I have always OPPOSED ObamaCare because it subsidizes the premeditated murders of humans in the womb. It is obvious to me that any nation that makes a plan and pays for it with the taxpayers' own dollars to annihilate the nation, is bad public law. Obama is a socialist if not a communist. Communism is more to the left of socialism and Obama is as far left of the spectrum on the issues of individuals liberties as it si possible to be. Obama's schemes are entirely focused on MASSES of people, not individuals making the best decisions for themselves and their families.

It is imperative that the the people of the United States elect a President who is defender of human life and who is defender of the U S Constitution, and who is defender of the faith of the THE LIVING LORD GOD. The United States will not be the "united" states unless Congress begins to act independently of the President and removes Obama from office via impeachment. Or they could call for a Constitutional Convention to amend the Constitution to create a law protecting the preborn/unborn with the same civil liberties as all other classes of humans, including the 14th Amendment."Under Article V, two-thirds of the states, 34, must ask for a convention." And "38 states must ratify any amendments" to create an amendment . Article discusses the process:

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