Saturday, August 25, 2012

Election is Very Important--Vote Prolife

The evil Obama administration and his cyber-hackers have broken into nearly every isp acct of mine, every email of mine and every computer of mine in their zeal to prevent me from writing on the internet.  They are relentless in their attempts to harass, intimidate, persecute, ruin PROLIFE citizens [me in this instance] who oppose killing in the womb. They have spied on me by setting cookies on every device I have that has sieve browser as included with O.S. and they have used under-handed low-down tactics, and stealing from cell phone balances of mine to waste the minutes so I can't use them; and  not allowing me the usual 140 characters on twitter accounts; and by breaking into my cell phones and landline phone accounts.  They have forced me having to reinstall the operating system three different times on 2 different computers and buy new devices and add isp accounts. They have stalked me online, broken into my hosting accounts, stolen login info to EVERY domain hosting acct I had. They lied, cheated, stole info & $$$  by using info that was supposed to be confidential like from my hospital records last year when an unknown woman tried to kill me by driving her van into me as I was walking about.
  They have used the Dept of Education extensive spy network to read words as I write them.
 I want to remind you I am a US citizen born in the USA; with no criminal record; with never having been accused of or charged with a crime; and have never committed any sort of crime; am living in the State of Missouri, on U S soil, with a paper trail of my life back to elementary school since that is required for medical professionals. I am a Registered Nurse with a license in Missouri. But I had licenses in other states when I lived there, but not in NY when I lived there, because I didn't plan to live there forever.
  My life is an open book in many ways. I paint as an artist in oils, watercolors, acrylics, gouache, tempera, and I draw in pen/inks. pencils, charcoals. That is not a secret about me. I had formal training & I have painted/sketched extensively since about 1991 + or - few yrs, but began posting photos of what I created on line in yr 2007.
 I wrote all of that to get to this: I am asking all people with a conscience to remember that humans in the womb are human and that they desperately need people who will speak up for their right to life. This coming election in November is a turning point that I think will lead the U S back into the will of God if Romney & Ryan  are elected; or into domination, communism, ruin if Obama is reelected.  It is a stark crossroads that voters face: toward life and protections of government for tiniest humans with Romney-Ryan;  or toward depopulation, ruin, mass murders in womb of Obama.
  It's a no-brainer really. Obama has ruined this nation, He has added 12 TRILLION debt in 3 1/2 yrs time; and has assassinated more than 1318 people with drones; and has suspended the 1st, and 4th Amendments and all amendments of due process except for black people and border jumpers coming across at Mexico.
 Please vote prolife. Please vote for Romney & Ryan in November. And PRAY like you have never prayed before that comrade Obama will be gone come November.
 Gloria Poole, RN; in and of Missouri; 25-Aug-2012; 4:05pm;
 I logged back in to correct the typo that was done by those hackers as I "previewed" my writing. And to add that the Obama campaign sent me three letters with his photo and a thank you note for "donating" to his campaign WHEN I NEVER DONATED TO ANY DEMOCRAT IN MY LIFE AND NEVER WOULD; but they stole money from balances that showed up on my cell phone accounts that they broke into. And today they sent a man to my apt door to let me know that Obama thugs know where I live. That man told me he worked for the Obama Campaign in St Louis and wanted to register me to vote democrat. I said I wouldn't vote democrat in any circumstances not even under duress.  I despise those murderous democrats who slaughter tiny humans in the womb w/ worst conditions than cattle are slaughtered and whose souls are condemned to hell because of it.