Sunday, January 1, 2012

Nat Defense Auth Act 2012 SUSPENDS due process for all citizens

"This bill represents the most daring Marxist monstrosity of the 21st century: The Defence Funding bill will allow American citizens to be arrested as terrorists on home turf to be ‘disappeared’ forever without rule-of-law trial".  and this quote:
"With this draconian bill, Obama not only gets to silence all dissent against him by instilling the fear of dissident arrest in everyday people trying to save their beloved country from its fundamental transformation,  he gets to do what has long been his coveted intent: a way to engender population hatred for its military."
and this quote:
"Freedom was swallowed whole overnight.  In a new, cruel Soviet Union-like Amerika, dissenters of the status quo will be easily and effectively disappeared."
 I hope it is obvious why I am posting this on this blog. Thanks to Canada Free Press for trying to warn U S citizens of what happened in Dec, 2011 when Obama pretended reluctance to sign the "NDAA" [but did sign it--it was his idea] bill he pushed that authorizes the U S military to pick up and HOLD without any charges being filed, for an indefinite amount of time, U S citizens even for being "belligerant" . Did the United States fool Congress go along with this? YES. Vote everyone of them put of office!
 And less you think the Canada Free Press [news] is wrong, as I was reading this article they sent to me because I signed up to receive their news to my inbox, a C I A ad appeared  in my INBOX! So don't waste your time telling me how Obama doesn't spy on citizens or about any imagined virtues you might assign him. He is communist; and he is destroying America, communist bill by communist bill after he got control citizens' money with the fake health care reform bill, he is moving on to getting control of their words, computers, liberty, ability to protest him. Vote him OUT of office! Anybody is better than he is. Just say no to communist Hussein Obama.
 Update: I noticed today for first time that some cybercriminal tried to hijack my gmail to set up a blog for himself. I have this comment to make about that; his quoting scripture does not authorize his attempted theft of my gmail acct and blog, since the Commandments of God include "thou shalt not steal
 Exodus 20:15 and also "thou shalt not covet.." in Exodus 20:17.KJV.

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